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Our Valli di Argenta Hostels offer you hospitality and an exciting getaway surrounded by nature. Relax and adventure for anyone, especially for families and group trips – come spend some free time in a truly unique territory! The Argenta Valleys, surrounded by land and water, represent one of the most beautiful and suggestive wetlands in northern Italy. Here you can enjoy field trips, organized tours and many other activities.


Our hostels are located in an area that includes the wildlife reservoir Parco regionale del Delta del Po, close to the city of Argenta, in the province of Ferrara.

Both buildings used to be primary schools, built at the beginning of the 20th century, which were used as schools until the 1960s. They are still subject to structural maintenance as  to the part of an agreement with the local Superintendence of Fine Arts. Thanks to an ambitious redevelopment project, that pursues the touristic promotion of the entire area, these buildings were completely renovated in the 90s and are still subject to continuous updates and improvements.

The project

The hostels are owned by the municipality of Argenta, managed by the local social cooperative La Pieve based in Ravenna, with the aim of promoting the area through a project of cultural tourism and slow hospitality that involves a network of eco-museums and many other social and cultural places of interest in the area.

Our collaboration with Fattorie del Delta, a local institution specialized in tutoring services and environmental education, consists of an eco-tourism project involving schools focused on promoting the entire territory of the Po delta.

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